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Digital Foci In the News

For Love and Art
Digital Foci is a proud participant of "For Love and Art: Sharing with Seniors" project to bring digital art masterpieces to hospice-bound seniors. The FLASS project, organized by Mark Lombard, President of Project Fulfillment Touching Our World Foundation, requested the Smithsonian and other leading museums to donate digital photos of masterpieces for this important project.

“The choice of using Digital Foci’s [D-Light Box] was in conference with art museum educators,” said Mark Lombard, Founder FLASS. “[It] is the perfect way for seniors to enjoy exquisite artwork in the comfort of their own home or hospice instead of going out to a museum or art gallery.”

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“Devices like the Digital Foci battery porter external battery charger are the perfect answer for travelers to far-flung places where electricity shortages are common or the lack of electrical outlets (either while on a train or plane) or simply at one’s location are not convenient. The life-saving qualities of this device are unmentionable for those who are addicted to their phones, and the [...price range] is well-suited for those who would cut off their arm for a power outlet at times."  - by Ramsey Qubein

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The Fresh Coast Project
"Not only is it, as its name implies, a picture viewer, but it also serves as a portable external hard drive. So within a few moments, I was able to pull my memory card from my Canon 5d MarkII, place it into the drive of the Picture Porter and download my images from the full memory card. Problem solved. On top of it all, with its 3.5" media screen, I was able to quickly view my progress of my mornings shoot, checking composition, exposures and sharpness. I believe this to be a great device to have in the field and in the studio. In other words, I recommend it highly."  - by Professional Photographer Ed Wargin

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"The Photo Safe II is a lightweight (0.6 lb/272 g) portable photo storage device and memory card reader, and it proved a welcome traveling companion. With it, I was able to back up all our photos and videos as the trip progressed, copying them from our camera's memory card every few days. I even had enough storage space to back up all the photos taken by the relatives who were traveling with us."  - by Oliver Habicht

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Outdoor Photographer 
“Picture Porter 35 from Digital Foci tips the scales at a svelte 14 ounces (with hard drive and battery), but packs up to a whopping 500 GB of storage space. It features a sharp, 3.5-inch LCD where you can browse, rotate, zoom, pan and view EXIF information or histograms. The Picture Porter 35 will display slideshows, including RAW images, and play audio files. PhotoMemo allows photographers to record comments with images and hear the comments during playback - a handy feature, particularly if your photo trek is of extended duration. Smaller capacities are available, but for long trips and large RAW files, this is the machine to pack."  - by Jon Sienkiewicz

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Demystifying Digital 
Top Five Must-Have Photo Gifts for Father’s Day - “As large as memory cards have gotten, d-SLR owners and avid shooters can eventually exhaust them. A portable hard drive helps you offload the images (or videos) from your card and keep shooting. They’re especially useful to bring on vacation. No need to lug the laptop, just bring the drive. Plus they’re small enough to drop in the camera bag so you’ll never run out of memory on the road."  - by Gregory Scoblete

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The New York Times 
“Digital photo frames are great if you’re sitting in the den, but what if you want to show pictures of your loved ones on the bus or at a restaurant? Digital Foci’s Photo Book lets you show images in 800-by-600 pixel resolution in a package about as big as a paperback book. With enough storage to keep thousands of pictures in your bag or purse, the Digital Foci Photo Book makes it easy to share your favorite photos with anyone, including complete strangers."  - by John Biggs

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Professional Photographer Hot One Winner 
"Digital frames continue to dominate the Frame category. This year’s winner is the Image Moments 6, a high-resolution digital frame with a 5.7-inch VGA (640x480-pixel) digital LCD screen. Nicknamed The Executive, Image Moments 6 displays 140 pixels per inch, the highest pixel density of any digital photo frame on the market. The frame features an LED backlight for deep color reproduction and uses environmentally-friendly materials in a low power consumption design."  

"All three Digital Foci picture frames had absolutely gorgeous screens: the OLED technology on the smaller two makes a crisp, vibrant display, and the large LCD on the Image Moments 8 is extremely easy on the eyes."  - by Scott Merrill

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"When the Photo Safe II starts a copying process, it will copy everything it finds on the memory card onto the hard drive; this includes video files, images in any format (including RAW) and anything else you copied onto the card. The copy also preserves the directory structure of the photos as well as any information (EXIF data) stored within the images."  - by Scott Carmichael

"What I liked: Very convenient to offload the memory card when you’re out taking pictures while on vacation; great battery life and easy operation makes it a joy to use."  - by Joel McLaughlin

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The New York Times 
“OLED TVs are the promise of the future, offering a startlingly vivid picture while consuming little energy (but at the moment a lot of money). You can, however, have the same kind of technology (organic light-emitting diodes) in a pocket-size picture viewer right now without taking out a second mortgage."  - by Roy Furchgott