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Our Name

Digital Foci is the set of points where you enjoy and manage all of your digital content. Digital represents all of the different forms of digital media and data you use everyday. Foci (pronounced “foe-sigh”) is the plural form of the word ‘focus’ and symbolizes the many distinct points where light and sound converge and diverge. It is at these digital focus points, these foci, where you view and share your digital photos, watch your digital video, listen to your digital music, and access your digital files.

As Digital Foci, we provide products and information for you to create your personal set of digital foci. 


Our Goal

The rapid increase of user created digital content in the form of digital photos, videos, MP3 files, and computer data, spurred a need for solutions to help average consumers manage and enjoy their digital collection. 

Digital Foci provides solutions to help you manage and enjoy your digital content collection easily. Digital Foci products include digital storage devices, photo displays, and portable charging devices for transfer, storage, and management optimized for any setting where you choose to enjoy your digital content.

This is our goal at Digital Foci: 
To provide solutions to your digital photography needs. 


Digital Foci's Guiding Principles

These three principles form the foundation behind every product we make:

  1. Stylish Design - Create products that are visually appealing to accentuate your unique style.
  2. Practical Functionality - Design easy to use products with high value features to help you manage and enjoy your digital content. 
  3. Educational Support - Provide information to help you get the most out of quickly changing digital technology. 

Digital Foci's Dedication to Customer Service

To ensure a top quality purchase experience, every product includes:

  1. Informative Product Packaging - Easy-to-understand packaging copy that helps customers realize the benefits of the product.
  2. Product Documentation - A Quick Start Guide to help customers get started using the product right away and a User’s Guide with detailed explanations of the product’s finer points.
  3. A Complete Solution - Each product comes complete with the accessories and components the customer needs to enjoy the full benefits of the product.

We aim to provide you a level of customer service that exceeds your expectations.