Picture Porter Advanced

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What is it and what does it do?

Picture Porter Advanced is a high-capacity HDD or SSD based digital photo manager with 5" screen for backing up, protecting, organizing, viewing and sharing a lifetime of photos.

With Picture Porter Advanced, you can:

  • Back up photos and videos: Securely back up photos directly from digital camera memory cards (SD/SDHC/SDXC, CF, microSD) to built-in HDD or SSD
  • Manage and organize photos: Copy, Move, Delete, Rename, Make Folder, Export, Add to Playlist, Sort, Multiple Selection
  • View photos: View Photos in manual Full Screen Photo View or as a Slideshow - Includes ability to display images of RAW uncompressed photos from select DSLR models
  • Create Playlist Projects: Use Playlist to make themed photo collections chosen from the entire set of stored photos and Export original photos to external memory device
  • Record PhotoMemo: Record voice memos to pair and playback with individual photos
  • Connect to computer: Connect to computer for access to hard drive through computer interface
  • Output by HDMI: View your photos and videos on a TV, monitor, or other big screen through HDMI connection (also supports component and composite video connections)
  • Record video: Make video recordings from video sources (by composite and component connection)

Picture Porter Advanced photo gallery (Prototype shown here)

    PPA-500 Front-angle-right 2-home     PPA-500 Front SD-CF-USB     PPA-500 Mockup Back HDD     PPA-500 Mockup Back SSD       PPA-500 Ext HDD

Who is it for?

The family and individual:

  • For family and individual use, Picture Porter Advanced will be your digital photo album. It will be the one place you can quickly and easily backup, organize, store, and retrieve all of the digital photos and videos that you take.
  • High capacity internal storage will help ensure that you never run out of storage space.
  • In addition to viewing your photos on the device screen, Picture Porter Advanced can also connect to your living room TV using the HDMI or other video connections.

The professional photographer:

  • For the professional photographer, Picture Porter Advanced will become an integral part of your workflow to keep your original photos backed up and stored safely from out in the field to back in your studio. 
  • The high capacity storage is also a great way to keep full resolution and RAW versions of your photo collections always by your side.
  • Picture Porter Advanced is able to display the images of RAW format photos for a wide variety of DSLRs and mirrorless camera models.

The extreme sports enthusiasts:

  • For extreme sports enthusiasts and other Helmet Cam or Bullet Cam users, Picture Porter Advanced has a built-in microSDHC/XC memory card slot. You can back up your videos easily and quickly without needing to use an SD card adapter.
  • The small portable size of Picture Porter Advanced makes it ideal since reducing space and weight is critical in your situations.
  • You'll never run out of memory capacity for recording and never miss a moment of the action.

Testimonials from the Pros

From Graham Hobart - Internationally published Photographer and Instructor:

“I travel all over the world to capture my images. For me it is vital that I return home with all my images safely. When I am out in the field, the laptop is inconvenient because of bulk, weight, and charging issues. Laptops are also obvious targets for thieves.

The Picture Porter easily fits in my camera bag which never leaves my sight. It is a great tool for me to quickly, reliably, and affordably back up and transfer my images to multiple secure memory devices. I have come to rely on the Picture Porter as an intrical part of my daily routines when on any photographic assignment.”

From Lynette Kent - Photoshop and Lightroom author and Photographer:

“As a photographer as well as a GMWAC 'grand mother with a camera', I cannot imagine going anywhere without my Picture Porter. When I travel, I like to download the images every evening to be sure to have duplicates as soon as possible. Even if I have my laptop and external backup drives for downloading and storage, I still download to the Picture Porter. Not only does this give me an extra back up, it lets me see and even sort the images anywhere, without having to boot up my computer. For those times I want to travel light (without a laptop), having the Picture Porter is the safest way to preserve the trip’s photos. Even without a computer, I can have two copies of every image I take - one on the memory card and one on the Picture Porter.

And as a GMWAC, I can always find an opportunity to show off the photos I just took of the grandkids, without having to hand my camera to someone else. My Picture Porter is my photographic safety net and brag book in one compact unit!


Learn more about Picture Porter Advanced on Kickstarter


Press Release 


Los Angeles, CA - December 4, 2013 – Digital Foci, creator of Picture Porter Advanced, a portable digital picture management tool and high capacity storage device, has launched a campaign entitled, Picture Porter – Essential Digital Photo Manager, to raise $63,000 by December 14, 2013 (9:33 pm PST). Funding is needed to complete the device's production by implementing final firmware testing and creating tooling for the housing design. Pre‐tested as FCC and CE compliant, this third generation Picture Porter is designed to replace or complement current picture and video handling tools. Read press release here.