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DF Photo Solutions

Products to help you back up, view, manage, organize, and enjoy your digital photos.


Back Up

Digital Foci | Picture Porter 35 and Photo Safe II
Hard-drive-based portable storage products for quickly and securely backing up your valuable photos on the road. Perfect for consumers and photographers while traveling, on vacation, or on photo shoots.


Digital Foci | D-Light Box and Pocket Album OLEDs
Battery-operated portable photo display products, ranging from high-quality 1.5" to 8" screens, for conveniently sharing and enjoying your digital photos anywhere you go.  

DF Power Solutions

Products to help you power and recharge your Smartphones and other mobile devices including Digital Foci storage products on the go. And Universal Battery Charge to help you combine charging needs for different Li-Ion batteries used in your portable devices.


Portable Battery Packs

 Battery Porter 12000  Digital Foci | Battery Porter 8000
Digital Foci | Battery Porter 5200 

Convenient power solution on long flight and in remote location without access to power outlet, or during power outages and other emergencies.  


Solar Charger

Digital Foci | Solar Porter 12
Green power solution for charging your 5 volt devices during hiking, camping, or remote expeditions. 
To maximize solar charging capabilities, use it with our portable battery packs.

Universal Battery Charger

Digital Foci | Universal Battery Charger
One charger for all your 3.6V - 7.4V Li-Ion batteries for DSLR, camcorder, compact camera, as well AA/AAA NiMH/NiCD batteries and USB powered devices such as your Smartphone.  


DF Accessories

Peripherals including chargers, cables, and batteries to help you utilize our products.

  Digital Foci | df Accessories